In a world of political, social and environmental instability, still ruled by non-sustainable strategies and unhealthy food policies, the quality and availability of organic raw materials is often undermined. It is our purchasers’ daily challenge to overcome these obstacles and ensure stock rotation and full supply of our wide variety of products. Proactive planning and prompt reactions to the different circumstances play a crucial role in this respect. We keep a finger on the pulse of the entire supply chain, constantly improving processes and quality together with our suppliers.

As we work with small-scale farmers, wild pickers, cooperatives and small communities, keeping the balance between the market demand and the suppliers’ capability can be challenging, especially when climate changes, weather conditions, political situation, cultural differences and local habits must be taken into account. In this regard, mutual trust is an element of vital importance. Hence our engagement to long-term relationships with our suppliers worldwide. With our purchasing policy we are also doing our part in raising health, social and environmental awareness in the Western World and contributing to a better life outside of it.

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