As pioneers in the organic field, we have been witnessing the evolution of food awareness for decades. In the coming years we expect a substantial increase of food-conscious consumers demanding honesty, quality and authenticity and finally refusing unnecessary additives and fillings.
We believe taste is the key. We want everybody to be able to TASTE the difference between fake and great. Sourcing and product development play a crucial role in this respect. We build strong relationships with our suppliers, as we believe that connectedness throughout the organic supply chain guarantees a sustainable availability of high quality products.

It is our mission to contribute to a tasty and healthy lifestyle.
We want to make a meaningful contribution to a better world by developing the market for organic foods, in an honest and respectful way and in harmony with the environment. In close cooperation with our suppliers, we are fully committed to sourcing, developing and bringing tasty organic foods of highly reliable quality to our consumers.
We aim at achieving further growth through the expansion of our product range in the related product segments. This will enable us to continue providing fair and, most of all, great products for our customers and increase our impact on a more sustainable world.